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Panel One.

Betts, now on the ground as well, has found an old shovel -- but maybe forty years old, not hundreds or thousands of years.

1. Jerome:            Dumped by white folks.  Maybe old Mr. Block and his friends, looking for treasures up top.

2. Abby:              Yes, I can still feel their presence here.  They    disturbed something.

Panel Two.

Closer on Betts.

3. Jerome:         (a) In the stories the Indians tell, people came into this world from an underworld.  When folks die, they go back there to live, but they    can still visit this world.  The tunnel through goes both ways.

                          (b) They call the entrance sipapu.

Panel Three.

He starts digging at the debris on the ground.

4. Jerome:          But if the sipapu was blocked by something...

Panel Four.

A few minutes later.  Abby is standing by as Jerome moves a final shovelful of debris off a space on the floor.  Beneath the shovel, there is a distinct opening - it's just black through there, but it's round, maybe a eighteen inches in diameter.

5. Abby:              Jerome, there's some kind of hole there--



With the hole clear, there's suddenly instant traffic through -- we can see the ghostly shapes again, but they're rushing by at incredible speeds.  We can't even tell if they're going down or coming up, but Abby and Jerome are windblown by the wind of their passage.  From deep within the hole, shining up through the ghosts, is a warm golden light.

 They watch in awe.

No dialogue.


Panel One.

Up at the top of the ladder, Brood and Kennedy are watching the same amazing procession.

No dialogue.

Panel Two.

Abby starts to emerge from the hole, up the ladder.  Race is there to give her a hand.

1. Abby:          Welcome down, Race.

2. Race:            Welcome up, Abby.

Panel Three.

The four of them, standing some distance away from the ruins, looking back.  The procession is still going both ways, ghostly forms flying in an immense glowing column up into the sky and down into the kiva.

3. Gideon:          Reckon you found what they wanted, Betts.  Hope they'll lay off old man Block and them others now.

4. Abby:              I don't know why...

Panel Four.

Inside Harry Block's cabin.  John and Susanna are there watching Harry, who has suddenly turned very old, showing every one of his missing years.

5. Abby: (VO)      "...but somehow I expect they'll be resting easy from here on."

Panel Five.

The graveyard behind the church.  There are four families there, including the blocks, and four fresh graves dug up, and four coffins standing beside them.  Nobody looks particularly sad.

6. Caption:              The End

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