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Spring and summer tend to be the travel seasons for me, in part because they also tend to be book release seasons and in part because of the events I try to make every year.

The new book, Star Trek: Serpents in the Garden has just landed in stores. I havenít seen any reviews yet, but hope people enjoy it. Since, you know, thatís pretty much why I wrote it.

My first (and only) signing for that one is Saturday, May 10 at Mysterious Galaxy: San Diegoís 21st Birthday Bash. Iím part of the 1 PM Spotlight on Speculative Fiction (along with Gini Koch, Chris Marie Green, and Janet Tait), speaking for a while and then signing. But Iíll be at the store all day, so if youíre around, come on over. Thereíll be lots of great authors, and cake!

June 5-8 Iíll be at the great Phoenix Comicon, the best comic book convention in the country. And July 23-37, Iíll be at the biggest comic book convention in the country, Comic-Con International: San Diego. These are both billed as comic cons, but theyíre really celebrations of popular culture, loaded with authors and movie and TV stars and everything else geeky and fun. Itís way too early to know what my schedule will be, but Iíll update as we get closer.

In other news, the Neverlandís Library fantasy anthology is out, but only in a Kindle edition at this point. This book features the novella ďA Soul in the Hand,Ē the first published collaboration with my writing partner Marsheila Rockwell. The novella introduces two new characters, Elin and Kord, who we hope will become fantasy fan favorites, and about whom weíre planning to write much more.

And on May 13, another anthology will hit, but with a twist. Dead But Not Forgotten is a collection of stories set in Charlaine Harrisís Sookie Stackhouse universe. Itís edited by Charlaine and Toni L. P. Kelner, and contains stories by such luminaries as Rachel Caine, Jonathan Maberry, Seanan McGuire, Christopher Golden, Nancy Holder, and more. Each story focuses on a different character from that universe; my story, ďTaproot,Ē is about Andy Bellefleur (though other folks also make appearances). The twist is that itís coming out first on audio, from On November 24, itíll be available as a hardcover and ebook. Other projects are in the worksónovels, short fiction, even a film adaptation of one of my short stories. Keep checking back for details on those.

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