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I could say that winter has come and gone, here in the wilds of southeastern Arizona, but that would be a lie, since it never actually came. Itís definitely gone, though, and the days are sunny and springlike, and springlike days can only mean that the Tucson Festival of Books is upon us.

TFoB, as we like to call it, takes place this year on March 14-15, on the beautiful University of Arizona campus. Iíll be in the Arizona Dreaminí booth (booth numbers 107-109 and 118-120), at a table next to my writing partner Marsheila Rockwell. Theoretically, weíll have a preview copy of the Neverlandís Library anthology, which should be on sale as an ebook by then. The anthology contains our first collaborative story, the fantasy ďA Soul in the Hand,Ē which introduces a couple of characters youíll want to read more about (and donít worry, we intend to oblige). Weíd love to talk to you about that and maybe sell you some of our existing books.

In addition to the Arizona Dreaminí booth, you can find me on two panels, both on Sunday: Landscape of Fear (ILC Room 130, 11:30 AM-12:30 PM) with Jonathan Maberry, Isaac Marion, Yvonne Navarro, and Weston Ochse (moderated by the lovely and talented Maryelizabeth Hart), and Drop Kick your Cliches (ILC Room 140, 4:00-5:00 PM), with Elizabeth Bear, Jonathan Maberry, Isaac Marion, and Sam Sykes, moderated by Scott Glener, who I donít know (much less am married to), but I assume is also lovely and talented. Thereís a signing period following both panels, and books will be available for sale at or near the signing area.

Something else Iím doing with the brilliant Ms. Rockwell is participating in the Crossing the Streams huge book giveaway contest. Follow the link to learn more about that.

With the publication last month of Cold Black Hearts, my entire Border Trilogy is finally available from DarkFuse, the fine specialty horror publisher that also put out my supernatural thriller Season of the Wolf. Be sure to check out all three ebooks: River Runs Red, Missing White Girl, and Cold Black Hearts.

Next up, at the end of April, is Star Trek: Serpents in the Garden, and another big anthology announcement is coming soon!

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Jeffrey J. Mariotte

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